What Is The Best Air Rifle Brand?

If you want the best air rifle brand, you have a number of options. A lot of gun enthusiasts get confused about which one to go with. If you are not sure, one brand you might want to go with is Gamo. Their guns are strong, reliable and well built. Here are 2 air rifle models from the company you might want to consider:


Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle


This particular air gun is one of the top ones out there among cheaper rifles. The Silent Cat is a strong, single shot gun that is good for small game hunting.





This gun is available around $200 or less on various online retailer sites. This is significantly less than what many other top air guns go for.


This one comes with a 12 month limited warranty, which is a decent warranty for the price.


The gun shoots with great speed. It produces a velocity as high as 1,200 feet per second using PBA ammunition, and 1,000 FPS with lead.

Long lasting

The gun is very well built, and is able to handle any kind of conditions with ease.


The gun comes with a sound dampener which cuts the volume by more than half. This makes it sound more like a 650 FPS gun, and the noise is actually similar to a BB gun.




Hard pull

The trigger is a bit difficult to pull. This means it is somewhat hard to shoot accurately. Therefore, make sure you are in a stable position when shooting. If you are simply standing and shooting, you might find yourself spraying shots all over the map unless you are very strong.


While the gun is powerful and great for long distance shooting, it is not very accurate for short range shooting.


Gamo Big Cat .22 Caliber Air Rifle


This .22 air gun is the cheaper alternative to the Silent Cat. It is not the most powerful air rifle, but if you want to save money then it is still well worth it. This particular air gun is good for small game hunting, is light in weight and lasts a long time.





It sells for around $140 at most sites and you will save just over $50 with this gun as opposed to its more expensive counterpart.


This single cocking, single shot gun shoots at roughly 950 feet per second using PBA platinum, and 750 FPS using lead. It is not quite as powerful as its more expensive counterpart, but is still more than adequate for most users.


Like the Silent Cat, it is built well and is able to handle any type of conditions with ease.


This gun tends to be better from short range (40 yards or in) than the Silent Cat. However, if you plan on shooting farther objects, the latter is the weapon of choice.


This one is easy to build, and you can easily mount the scope without any problem.




Inaccurate with PBA pellets

The only real negative with this gun is that it is not very accurate when shooting PBA pellets. They do shoot with more power, but they are not nearly as accurate as the slower lead ones. Therefore, opting for lead is the way to go.




If you are looking for the best air rifle brand, consider Gamo. Both of these Gamo air rifles are relatively cheap, powerful and accurate enough to get the job done.

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