What Is The Best Air Rifle For Squirrel Hunting?

When it comes to squirrel hunting, one of the questions often asked is ‘what is the best air rifle for squirrel hunting?’ The question is rather difficult to answer because that will depend on where you plan to hunt and in what conditions. Those who are experienced with air rifles will tell you that there is no single gun that can be recommended to suit all. A good hunter will need a range from which he can select the best air rifle that would suit his purpose for the day.

Squirrel hunting is sport and there are guns that are quick enough to catch these fast little creatures when they are on the move. Here is a look at some of them.


One for the amateurs


Many teenagers start out squirrel hunting with Air rifles but you will want to give them something that is not too difficult to handle. The Remington AirMaster 77 kit with Scope serves this purpose perfectly. This is an air gun that can be put together safely with the clear manual that it comes with. The air gun is largely made of plastic but the main receiver is made of metal and adds to the light weight of the gun. Loading it with pellets can take a little getting used to, but it helps newcomers learn to concentrate on what they are doing and it provides novices with the flexibility they need to get the job done. For around $160 it costs in the retail market, this is definitely a good buy for newcomers.


For serious hunters


You could consider the Ruger Blackhawk .177 cal. Air Rifle with 4×32 mm Scope. This is a model meant for those who are serious hunters. It comes with a scope but without it, you can shoot just as well. They shoot precisely from as far back as 20 yards so squirrels can be targeted easily. You may find its sound levels a bit high at first but not so loud that you will not get use to it after the first few rounds. The scope is made of metal and can be calibrated. It does have a slight recoil and therefore, it is not something that the manufacturers recommend for a child. This air rifle is priced in the $120 range when not on discount.


An almost universal rifle


The Daisy Outdoor Products Winchester 1000 Wood Break Barrel is one gun that will grow with your prowess. It is great for anyone just learning to shoot and works just as well for someone who has experience shooting. At 50 yards, it shoots just as good as it does at 10 yards and it is great for squirrels, rodents and crows. The scope is accurate right down to the last millimeter though you can easily use it without the scope as well. It comes with a checkered hardwood stock and the safety is something you will be happy about.

Deciding on the best air rifle for squirrel hunting will depend on your expertise and your level of comfort. However, you can be sure that finding the right one will not be too difficult.

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