How to Clean Your Air Rifle

Ready to get your airgun in tiptop shape but need to know how to clean your air rifle? Collectors and shooters can tell you how important it is to keep your gun clean, and you’re probably aware of that fact yourself. Your best air rifle should be treated with care, which is why this cleaning guide has been written for you.

Step by step, you will be walked through what it takes to get it operating with full functionality and ease. We’ll discuss the tools you need to have, as well as the specific process it takes to give the gun a thorough cleaning. If you need other help or links to resources, then you can browse around this page. There’s nothing better than a clean barrel, so let’s get started.


Get a Good Cleaning Kit


First you need to make sure you have the proper tools at hand for the job. A good cleaning kit will probably have a few of the following products in it: a cleaning rod, brush, patches, oil and possibly pellets. All kits are set up a little differently, so you may have to buy certain parts from different retailers. The key is to make sure you have the basics in order to keep your gun maintained properly. When you have a solid cleaning kit, then you’re ready to learn how to clean an air rifle barrel.


How to Clean an Air Rifle Barrel


Once you have the tools close-by and the rifle in hand, open the barrel. Make sure all of the pieces of your cleaning rod are attached to each other properly, then attach the brush from your cleaning kit to it. These are often soft brushes with nylon bristles. Attach that soft end to the cleaning rod.

With your barrel open and scope removed if necessary, you can place a cleaning pellet inside. Some kits don’t come with these, as they’re seen as optional aids to the cleaning process. After this step, you can push your brush deep into the barrel until it comes out of the other side. Pull it back, and you may reveal some dirt on the cleaning pellet after doing so. If not, don’t worry – it’s still working.

If you have a rough attachment like another brush, now is the time to use it to get the last bits out. Metal is not suggested due to its extreme nature. Do the same thing you did with the soft brush. Once the dirt and debris is removed, then you can wash your brushes and dry them.

Last but not least, run clean patches through the bore with cleaner or degreaser to do the final work on the air rifle barrel. You can make sure they appear clean after they run through the barrel. At the end, you might wish to lightly oil a patch through the barrel for a final cleaning. Be sure to push the patch from the breech end when possible.

Follow the above steps, and you’ll have your air rifle clean in no time.

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